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Need help?, come to my my page, ASAP. I'll try my best to land a hand or two
  • Doing: Honestly? Not much. but of course, toying with JavaScript for the fandom as well as adding new things to the character Infobox.

Welcome to my user page. If you need any help, want to talk, or leave a message on my talk page





Guten Tag, Greetings users of ages and genders all are alike. allow me to introduce myself. I am ∑liskūya(pronounced as /ɛ-lis-kūh-yu/) Michael Thurwolf. (Pronounced as /Ther-wðlve/, you will see how to pronounce it soon, trust me), but you can always address me as "Elis" if you like

friends from on other fandoms

  • Rax - like S.Sanchez, Rax, is my best friend
  • Santi - a best-best friend I ever met and I wanted to know more about his ideas pretty soon, he's a great friend I can't let go of because we have the same things in common :)
  • Kiwichris
  • Aurine
  • Baffou - a wonderful friend from France and great lad
  • Corath16
  • ItzJonnyAl
  • Kid Danger
  • Whiteknight810210
  • Luk3Master‎
  • TokihikoH11
  • Josiah - my little net brother and as well S.Santi's replacement, great helper
  • Fluffyneondinosaur
  • Fic - he's a good lad, knows a lot of devilman lore, I envy Ficboy in a brotherly way for that mind for knowing the devilman series and everything.

friends from on YouTube and twitch

  • Cindy - a Wonderful sim fan with how to-do sims 2 videos along with other videos as well she is a streamer
  • Rex and Mark - Two fantastic cosplayers and as well streamers from UK who cosplay a alien and a predator which their costume names were Abi T Xeno the xenomorph & Pedro T Pred the predator.
  • Tomba - great friend from silver spring as well a great youtuber best friend.
  • Tenzo - my best friend and net uncle/father figure.
  • Masae - great friend who is from Atlanta, Georgia as well wonderful great youtuber and twitch friend.

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Things About me
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