aka Eliskuya Michael Thūrwolf

  • I live in Hong,Kong China
  • I was born on March 17
  • My occupation is |A Father|Researcher|Fighter|Engineer|Inventor|Traveler|soon to be a Let's Retro Player of YouTube|
  • I am Male

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Dark Knight Elis
Eliskuya2 - Humph
TALK - 21:21, June 3, 2010 (UTC)
Need help?, come to my my page, ASAP. I'll try my best to land a hand or two
  • Doing: Reading, rediting,adding and fixing errors, thinking of more ideas, missing my best friend :(

Welcome to my user page. If you need any help, want to talk, or leave a message on my talk page


Guten Tag, Greetings users from ages and genders of all are alike. allow me to introduce myself. I am Eliskuya(pronounced as El-lis-kūh-yuh) Michael Thurwolf. (pronounced As They-wolve, you will see how to pronounce it soon, trust me)but you can always address me as "Mr.Thurwolf" if you like

News: back from a long absent

╬─My Favorite Websites─╬

╬─friends from on websites and other things─╬

  • Glen - my older brother figure . we are close of each other :-) I got my ideas and editing from him :)
  • Masae - funny friend and youtuber
  • Rax - like Santi Sanchez, Rax, is my best friend
  • Santi - a best-best friend I ever met and I wanted to know more about his ideas pretty soon, he's a great friend I can't let go because we have the same things in common :)
  • Tomba - great friend and youtuber
  • Tenzo - my best friend and uncle figure
  • To4oo4
  • haXXor
  • Kiwichris
  • Aurine
  • OKool1470
  • Baffou
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