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For his son who also competes as Renton Michael Thūrwolf, see his son's page for more info.

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Quotation1.svgI can see you have matured into a strong leader of the family like me. I am always there with you. Never give up... Trust your instincts...My sonQuotation2.svg
— Renton Michael Thūrwolf to his son

Renton Michael Thūrwolf (レントン・マイケル・サーウルフ Renton Maikeru Sāurufu?) was a infamous Novelist in the late years and was the father of Eliskūya Michael Thūrwolf and Lillian Michelle Thūrwolf. he later became a legend in his rights. Renton occasionally re-appeared in the life of his grown son Eliskūya. he was also the late husband of Mikoto Maria Thūrwolf. he is also an old friend to Sharona De Vil Rhodes In later years. Renton was on the verge of discovery when he disappeared mysteriously and left his his Journal (in Renako's hands later on) behind for answers. It wasn't until late 2002 he died. it was known his son calls him "mi viejo" (Spanish for: "my old man").

Physical Appearance

Renton was a tall man with black eyes and unkempt wavy Saddle Brown hair, with has one long bang that frames the left side of his face, but now he has regrown his hair in a long ponytail style

Before the Timeskip

Before meeting his wife Mikoto Maria he wore nothing but a loose-fitting black shirt with jeans and his hair was semi-short. he had close resemble of his son.

After the Timeskip

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