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For her white wolf form who also competes as Mikoto, see her white wolf's page for more info

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Mikoto Maria Thūrwolf (ミコト・マリア・ターウルフ Mikoto Maria Saurūfu?) née Tearson (ティアソン Tiason?). she is the younger sister of Christopher Tearson and also was the younger daughter of Vincent Vyron Tearson and Ayeka Nayru Tearson.

Quotation1.svghey someday you may get strong, like your father.Quotation2.svg
— Mikoto Maria Thūrwolf to her son

Physical Appearance

Mikoto was a youthful girl while she had slightly long waist length black hair and her eyes were dark brown it most likely she has a similar appearance of her mother Ayeka, however for Mikoto Maria's appearance she was slightly tall, yet as slender build with her trademark dark blue hairband.

Before the Timeskip

in her youth. her younger clothes include a blue knee-length dress with short, puffy light blue sleeves and dark blue trim, white camisole with a blue bow, beige knee-length palettes, white socks, a dark blue hairband, and black ankle-length boots.

After the Timeskip

when she got older she offends wears a short opened white kimono with silver snowflakes pattern on it with teal and blacktop and with a black ribbon on the back with a pair of short jeans along with a pair of black sandals with white Tabi Socks underneath with turquoise strings.

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